Connor Baxter


Meet Connor

God graciously gave me an amazing family. I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma and became a believer at a young age. I made a lot of mistakes in my youth and found myself in trouble frequently through high school. I let myself live as the world told me to, but now I have fully tasted and seen that the LORD is good and His ways are lifegiving. You could tell everything about me in high school and college by who I surrounded myself with. God used community in my life, starting after high school, to turn my life around. This is where I really became passionate about the Church and the importance of each of us living in the midst of God defined friendships, which we call community.

My family is what I consider my first and true ministry. I met my wife Ally in college at Oklahoma State University (go pokes), and we didn’t waste any time getting married after, nor did we wait to have kiddos. Scripture has proven true in that children are a blessing from the LORD.

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