Jeff Hewitt


Meet Jeff

My name is Jeff Hewitt. I grew up in Denton where the Lord first pricked my heart in high school. I met my wife, Jessica, and we moved to Frisco shortly after we were married in 2004 to start a family. We had added five children by our sixth anniversary!

Although I met Jesus in high school and understood the message of the gospel, I never really built my life on it. As a result, as life became more complicated and difficult the sand beneath my feet began to shift. I turned to sinful coping behaviors that I had quietly cultivated over a lifetime. Eight years into our marriage, I hit rock-bottom. God stripped away the double-life I had been living and for the first time I truly knew that God loved me. From that truth, God has healed me and our marriage and each day brings a deeper understanding of how the central truth of the gospel transforms and informs every area of our lives.

Being in a family of seven means that there’s always something going on – we love spending time outdoors, long spring break vacations, cheering for each-other (volleyball, football, soccer, and track), family movie nights, and board games.

During an average week, I spend time with my friends at Credera helping our clients overcome challenges through technology and strategic consulting, I get out of the house with Jessica for a weekly date and I get to hang out with our kids, all of whom are a tremendous blessing. I love having a front row seat to what God is doing in Frisco through the community of believers I serve with there.

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