Jason Davis


Meet JD

My life before Christ was a bit chaotic and self destructive. I lived a lie as I grew up in church and played the part of "Christian" really well, but it was just for show until I truly wrestled with my own faith as a Junior in high school (Philippians 2:12-13). That's when God got a hold of me and made it clear to me that His plan for my life was to serve Him as a drummer, song writer and technical director. I spent the next 10 years on the road with my band "Between Thieves" reaching thousands of teenagers and watching God change their lives. As the band came to an end, I have had the opportunity to continue working in ministry as a full time staff member and letting God use my abilities in the tech arts to serve Him here at Onward!

I am blessed to be married to my favorite human being on the planet, Tanya Davis! She is my bride and best friend. Together we have a 21 year old named Madison and the cutest little 7 year old girl you ever saw, named Bailey!

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