Garrett Moore


Meet Garrett

I was born in and raised in Round Rock, TX and grew up in a Christian home with two brothers, my twin, Cameron, and my older brother Colin. At the age of 9, my dad walked into my room and presented the gospel to me and my brother, and there I prayed to accept Christ as my savior. From an early age I knew that God had given me a gift for music, and I immediately got plugged into worship ministry and started leading worship in church. 

I studied Spanish at Texas State University with the goal to be a full-time missionary in the Dominican Republic, but right in the middle of my junior year, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that put a halt to my international mission plans. During this 2-year battle, the Lord revealed His goodness to me and redirected my passions that led me to full time ministry in the local church.

In 2016, I met my wife Larissa, and we have been married since April of 2018. Currently we live right up the road in Prosper with a wonderful (and even terrible at some times) dog named Penny!

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